Discover the transformative power of color and style with Meredith Hauck from House of Colour in Kansas City. We delve into her journey helping women unlock their true potential through personalized color analysis and style consultations. Learn how these insights empower women to radiate confidence in every aspect of their lives – and why Circadian Intimates is excited about partnering with this organization.

Meredith Hauck
Color Consultant, House of Colour Kansas City 


Every once in a while, we meet someone special in Kansas City who is doing something amazing for the community that helps support our women. One of those women is Meredith Hauck from House of Color Kansas City ( She’s a color expert, a life coach, and an executive leader during a previous career – and now our new bestie uncovering the ways we can empower ourselves with confidence and authenticity.


Let’s start by unpacking House of Colour 

What is House of Colour?

House of Colour works with women, men, and children to identify the best colors that make the individual shine and bring out their natural vibe and style.

When women meet with Meredith at House of Colour, they come seeking answers. They've been struggling for a while, not knowing what colors like look best on them or how to wear different shades. Color consulting is very popular online with TikTok right now, with lots of like DIY tips, but they often lead to confusion.

House of Colour

  • Finds your best timeless looks
  • Builds your confidence
  • Showcases your authentic self

It's hard to know what your base color is, plus it's hard to see it on yourself, so women usually come to House of Colour to figure it out for once and for all. Meredith described how satisfying it is to help women figure out their color formulas because they end up spending less time on decision making in their wardrobe and start spending more time doing the things they enjoy.


Physical Confidence Manifests into Mental Strength

Women walk into Circadian Intimates looking for answers, desperately seeking comfort and support, so they can enjoy every activity in their life.

How do you find House of Colour in Kansas City?

The fandom of House of Colour can be found on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook, which means many women find Meredith on social media and become interested, then want their very own personal color consultation. Aside from social media, new clients are introduced to House of Color through referrals from existing clients.  



Often, Meredith will conduct a color consultation for one client in a group of friends or family and then, the rest of the friend group or family come in for color consultations afterwards. One of the favorite parts of her job is meeting everybody's people, “it's fun to find community that teaches a shared language of positivity and authenticity amongst friends and family members.”


What happens in a House of Colour consultation?   

In a color session, color consultants conduct a series of “science experiments” to see what colors look best on you. The House of Colour systems uses a color wheel that assigns two characteristics to every color in the universe – colors are either warm and cool, or they're either bright or blended.
The process starts by determining whether warm or cool colors look better against skin and hair; but that's only one part of the appointment. The second part of the consultation includes identifying the right ‘season.’ And the last part of the process is helping our clients learn what to do with the information and how they can apply it practically to their every day, including talking about your best makeup and hair colors, and going color-by-color to discuss how you wear it best.
The interesting part of this process is that even if two people share the same season, they might ‘wow’ in different colors within that season. The process is very customized and personalized for each client.


How long is a color consultation?

A full color analysis takes about two hours. It's an in-person process where color shades are draped across your neck with verbal education on the process and what color consultants are assessing. Color consultations are always conducted during the day because of the need for natural daylight.

Optional style analyses are a bit more complicated than the color process and take a little longer. These analyses begin with data collection before custom recommendations are delivered. 


Developing Color Consultation Expertise

Since Meredith has been color consulting for so long, we asked if could she identify a woman’s season just by looking at her on the street.

The answer. “No!” It turns out, it is really important color consultations do not take that approach. Meredith will see women on the street and notice that shirt color versus your face or something similar.

House of Colour consultants avoid making judgments of what women are wearing because the process includes an equation with a series of variables, including dyed hair, tanned skin from the son, false eyelashes – all of these variables can impact results. Personal judgements stay out of the equation and out of the color consultation process.



Identifying a Poorly Fit Bra Daily

For us at Circadian Intimates, we see women on the streets and can immediately identify what size bra she SHOULD be wearing and likely, what size Victoria’s Secret told her she should be wearing.


The Magic Behind Color Consultations

During a color consultation, you learn how to accentuate certain features by using color to bring focus and attention to your face.

Meredith works to position women in colors that complement natural coloring, versus colors that fighting against your natural color. If you ever received a compliment like, “Oh, I really love that shirt color on you,” then that individual is seeing your shirt color and not that your face has a beautiful glow.


Color consultations have the magic of a non-surgical facelift, or position you as wearing make-up when you’re not.



One woman who came to visit Meredith for a color consultation didn't wear makeup most of her life. After a 90-second makeup tutorial that accentuated her natural colors versus covering everything up, she went home to her family with whole face of makeup and her family could not stop gushing about her glow. “She looked like mom, but the best version of mom.” Even her husband noticed how complimentary a little bit of mascara and lip gloss made such a difference.


We love this story. 

The Making of Meredith Hauck, Color Consultant, House of Colour

Before becoming a color consultant for the House of Colour, Meredith was an executive in city management, appearing often on the news in both TV and print.

City council meetings are recorded and video recordings are shot from cameramen and women sitting on the floor with an up-angle to the camera. Not a flattering angle.

Seeing her photos and images made her feel like she wasn’t telling the story of who she is very well. A friend rocking a red suit introduced her to the House of Colour and she was hooked from day one. The chance to change into a career she was passionate about made such an impact in her life, she went all in and joined House of Colour full time.

Because she knew the impact color consulting had on herself, she wanted to make the same difference for other women who were working to achieve their goals and aspire to accomplish their career goals. 

Physical embodiment of their inner confidence was the missing piece of the equation for so many women.

Women will visit Meredith and proclaim, “Oh, I'm not fashionable.” To which Meredith explains, it is nothing about being fashionable. It’s about learning how to present yourself so that when you walk into a room you are confident and never hiding who you are, so you can go out and accomplish the work you want to do.


Color consultations is about establishing your positive physical presence.  




Finding Help with the Right Size Bra & Style

Women visit Circadian Intimates feeling they have a complicated bra size, when in fact, they just need help finding the right bra size and bra type.
Part of our fitting process is explaining how bras are marketed to women and where so many of us go wrong listening to what Victoria’s Secret has been telling us for decades.
Once our customers learn and experience how bras should really feel, they achieve a sense of relief and gratitude.


We, at Circadian Intimates, feel blessed in a lot of ways that we have mothers bringing their daughters in with full chests, embarrassed about her body and harboring back and shoulder pain. We’re able to help these ladies learn to support their bodies correctly and find a new sense of confidence. These moments are all about bringing out her inner alpha – who she knows she is and finding a way to project that feeling and attitude physically.

House of Colour and Circadian Intimates are dedicated to the idea that how you are today - the size and shape of your body - is beautiful and you can go out into the world with confidence. 



Advice for your 12-year-old self

Hindsight is always 20/20, so we always ask our Inner Alpha club members what they wish they could have told their 12-year-old self.

 Meredith’s answer:

“Pay attention more closely to the things that really make you feel good, and do more of that, and not worry so much about what other people think.”

Meredith further explained that if you think about fashion and trends in particular, you’ll learn what will get you ‘in-style,’ but we should focus on what looks good on Me and what is good for Me.

Each of us knows who we are at the core – even at 12 years old – but we’re afraid to embrace it. If we embraced our core selves, imagine how we could accelerate our dreams, relationships, and positive elements of life. 



What is the best way to pay forward color consultation results?

The number one thing that Meredith believes we can do is speak kindly to ourselves.

She described the difference between women and men during color consultations:

  • Women describe, “Do you see my skin, my chins, my wrinkles, my circles?”
  • Men proclaim, “I look good.” (Even if they don't look good in a color, it's like a constant stream of compliments.)

If women could have that same confidence earlier in life, and look for the things that are working for us, the things that we do feel confident, and just talk about those more often – we’d be a force of reckoning.

Or talk about the things we want to change in a way that's more like, “Hey, this isn't bad. I just want something different,” versus it all just being personal and critical.


How to Book a Color Consultation with the House of Colour Kansas City

Meredith works as part of the House of Colour Kansas City Team. You can view more details about the entire team and see appointment and scheduling information about



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June 27, 2024