Intimates are our passion and our livelihoods. 

This is why we take the bra fitting training and certification process seriously at Circadian Intimates. We want everyone to have a comfortable and rewarding experience during their visit.

Every bra is different, and every bra fits differently for each person. What fits well for one individual could be a poor fit for another. This is why bra fitting can often be more art than science.

For you to trust in our fitting recommendation, it is helpful for you to understand the rigor and practice our expert fitters endure before they are ready to meet you in the dressing room.


Bra Knowledge: Understanding the design of bras

It starts with learning how bras are designed and constructed. Knowing the intricacies and nuances of each bra is required to understand what fits better on one individual versus another.

During the training process at Circadian Intimates, fitters undergo in-depth reviews of each brand we carry to fully understand who the brand designs for (body shape) and how it is constructed.

Cup construction can be composed of singular molded cups, two-part cups, and three-part cups. Cups can also include interior side lining near the band or interior lining around cup edges. This lining helps provide shape and lift for breast tissue.

Every fitter at Circadian Intimates must know each brand’s unique attributes and style before they are certified for fittings. This knowledge is needed to recommend brands and styles that best fit your body shape.


Bra Review: Learning how bras fit 

Like our personalities, each brand carries its unique personality, offering a specific angle or niche to fill market needs. Some brands design bras for smaller, close-set breasts and narrow torsos, while others design for broader torsos and larger breasts. Each brand also offers a range of bra styles like demi-cups, full cups, molded cups, plunge cuts, push-up inserts, and more.  

These variables factor into the bra that fits best for your unique body.


Bra Fitting: Trying on every style

Every fitter at Circadian Intimates has tried on every brand and style we offer. This process provides firsthand experience of what each bra feels like before we recommend it to you.

If we would not wear a bra, we definitely would not suggest it to you.

This try-out process gives us a personal and relatable understanding of how a bra’s cups fit, where its band sits, how its fabric feels, and what shape its cup molding provides. Feeling is just as important as seeing when it is something an individual wears 85% of the day.  


Bra Fitting Experience: How bras fit uniquely on you 

Learning the details of each brand’s bra and style is easy.

The complex part is learning how different body shapes and sizes fit into various brands, bras, and styles.

As we mentioned, every bra fits differently for every individual. How a bra fits on your body can vary based on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Breast position
  • Breast tissue
  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing
  • Augmentation
  • Mastectomy

Your body’s physical mass changes over time, meaning you’re shaped a bit differently at age 60 compared to 50, 40, 30, 20, or 12. If you’ve gone through multiple life stages, you could likely pinpoint the moments you noticed changes.


Bra Fitting Classroom: Brand and bra style reviews

During training at Circadian Intimates, we review breast characteristics at each stage to identify the type of cups and styles that work best for each factor or a combination of factors. This classroom training provides the foundational knowledge needed before we meet you in a dressing room.


Bra Fitting Apprentice: Practice makes perfect

During the training process, future fitters apprentice with expert fitters to absorb the tribal knowledge of our experienced team.

Future fitters shadow bra fittings to see and understand body types and how they look in different brands, styles, and sizes. This firsthand visibility is how our fitters develop the experience to recommend cup and band sizes or cut and style changes to best fit your breast tissue.

Some of our expert fitters have so much experience in bra fitting they can recommend the correct bra size on a first try without using a measuring tape. It’s a craft they have perfected based on hours of meeting individuals just like you and finding the right fit for your unique body.


Bra Fitting Certification

The final step to becoming a bra fitter at Circadian Intimates includes a test and a demonstration fitting with a Circadian Intimates team member.

The written test validates the knowledge learned from studying brands, styles, designs, and manufacturing techniques, while the demonstration fitting evaluates bedside manner and soft skills.

If we did not want to be in a dressing room with a fitter, we certainly wouldn’t put you in one.


Become a Certified Bra Fitter at Circadian Intimates

If you want to join our incredible bra-fitting team, tell us more about yourself by sending your information to us through the Join Our Team form.


April 09, 2023